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As part of celebrating Women’s Day and Women’s Month, NEMISA is dedicating this month’s edition of the NEMISA Newsletter to all our female colleagues and students. We celebrate this year’s Women’s Month under the theme: Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Rights for an equal future”. The concept of Generation Equality is a global campaign and links South Afric to global efforts to achieve gender equality by 2030. Our call to action to the nation today is: be a part of the generation that ends gender inequality. In a time of gender inequality, discrimination and gender-based violence, we asked numerous colleagues what women’s month and day means to them and how the celebration could be translated into actions.

1. What does Women’s Month and Day mean to you?

Woman’s month means; celebrating each women’s achievements, courage, strength, efforts done to be where we are. Having the freedom to express our intelligence, confidence, the power to follow your dreams even if you have to fight hard to achieve them and finally having a voice. Woman’s day for me means that I am a creator, I am the woman that brings life into existence. This day is very dear to me cause not only am I celebrating Woman’s Day I am also celebrating my 8 years old son Njabulo’s birthday. And I would like to wish him a blessed birthday may the Lord grant him all his heart’s desires, Mommy loves you.

2. Do you think that celebrating the Day and Month is still relevant today; taking into consideration the scourge in violent crimes against women?

That is a difficult one, this year started with a bad note regarding women abuse. We’ve seen many cases of abuse, rape and violent crimes against women. Which makes it hard to celebrate women’s month/day without asking yourself what’s there to celebrate as we are not that important or valued in the country.

I mean what are we celebrating? It hurts that women cannot enjoy this month freely, but we as women must stand together and fight. Show these criminals that we are IZIMBOKODO and we are unbreakable.

3. What else do you think can be done, which will be more effective in promoting Women’s rights and aspirations, rather than only commemorating this day as a formality?

There is little to be done at this moment without the help from the government, without strict laws in place to protect women and children from perpetrators we can’t celebrate woman’s month. We need legislations that work in favour of the victim and not the culprit. And I think if police officers change the narrative and the stigma attached to reporting a crime of rape or violent activity to victims then we will be taking a step forward in the right direction.

4. What is NEMISA doing to make sure that it has a conducive working environment that is not sexist and has undertones of patriarchy?

Well, I think management needs to understand who their employees are, which might give them more insight into their needs. The company needs to have team building activities to help improve internal communication, production, innovation and boost staff morale.

They also need to establish relationships with Mentors, and female leaders like CEO’s and Directors. To help the women in the company learn more, get experience in their respective roles and give opportunities that will help build their careers. IZIMBOKODO lets keep our heels, heads, standards high and lead without fear or favour.

I will leave you with a message from Gloria Steinem; “The story of a woman’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any organization, but to the collective efforts of all who

“We as women must stand together and fight. Show these criminals that we are IZIMBOKODO and we are unbreakable”

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