Teaching people how to invest

Mr Vusani Badane: Senior Branch Manager at African Bank

Selina Rapulane

On 29 June, The Vaal University of Technology Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park (VUTSGSTP), in partnership with African Bank, hosted the first workshop for the Inaugural Investment Forum; an educational learning experience where community members are given expert advice on how to make sound investment decisions for their future.

The Executive Director of VUTSGSTP, Dr Joseph “Joe” Molete welcomed all the attendants and made a presentation about the precinct and how it has been changing the lives of movers and shakers in the community. He mentioned the reasons for the seminar as being to awaken people on why most businesses don’t succeed and don’t form consortiums. He encouraged people to work together and gave reasons why networks take time to form. From his presentation, people learned that the VUTSGSTP is a great place to be as it helps bring their creative ideas to life.

Mr Vusani Badane: Senior Branch Manager at African Bank presented an introduction to investments including information such as savings versus investments, planning and discipline, defining goals and investment time frames, understanding risks, the importance of costs and tax, asset allocation and investment types.

This was an ideal platform for people who wanted to grow their money and needed a secure channel to do so. It gave them a perspective that building their wealth starts with good financial literacy, which is related to better financial decisions and outcomes, and knowing that the growth of money is also important to fulfil basic needs in life and that investing can help them meet long-term life goals easily.

VUTSGSTP and African Bank were proud to host this seminar, to help their community stay financially updated.

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